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We'll do the rest

"The measure of intelligenceis the ability to change"  Albert Einstein

We aim to turn Israel and the rest of the world into powerfull COMPOST FACTORY while having participants enjoy it!

Woman putting organic biodegradable waste in a recycling bin, separate waste collection co



 It's our time, to act organically

Israel is in the midst of Waste Crisis - with no spare land for landfilling, and with rapidly increasing populations and mix waste.

Compost Nation is proud to present comprehensive solution that addresses the problem from the ground up.

We can guide you to separate your organic organ, which represents  40% of our waste, and to process it ON SITE in just 24 hours.

Turn it into a quality biological fertilizer that goes back to Israeli fields and from there back to our plate.

separating intuitively wet and dry waste at the source, will help us develop awareness of recycling more materials and sustainable lifestyle.

Thus changing your waste treatment habits, will result in the reduction of waste you generate, saving you money and efforts.

We challenge you to check us out ! 

After all - It is as simple as taking out the garbage 

What we do?

We offer our customers advanced technology for treating organic waste ON SITE by using a smart industrial composter machine that reduces the volume and weight of organic waste by 80% within just 24 hours and produces fertilizer from it.


In addition, we offer removal services of the output from the site at a low cost sustainable operation.

Using our services saves you the costs of handling mixed waste:

transporting it to landfilling at distance sites and paying the landfill tax. 

Without mentioning the environmental benefits of reducing damage of  CO2 and CH4 emissions saves from being released into the atmosphere.

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